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I would like to thank Dr. Robertson and his staff for the treatment I have received during the past 6 weeks.  I have had upper and lower back discomfort, bursitis in my hip and shoulder, tendonitis in my elbows and sciatica pain down my leg.  I was on prescription naproxin which was causing bad side effects.  I finally decided to follow the recommendations of a friend and went to see Dr. Robertson.  I am happy to say I am now off the pain medication and feel much better.  I look forward to my regular visits to his office where the atmosphere is very friendly and informal.  He regularly takes care of any problems when I have a little flare-up of bursitis or other pain.  Thanks Dr. Robertson and Sandra!
        Lisa W., San Lorenzo 

A+ A+ A+ Keith is there for you, not you there for Keith. He is there 100% for you. I can’t say enough. He has been my chiropractor for years with 100 plus results and no pressure. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. He makes me feel comfortable and no pressure at all.  
       Paul Z., Hayward

I have been a patient of Dr. Robertson’s for 6 years.  Dr. Robertson has exceptional chiropractic skills.  Whenever I needed an adjustment, he was always available.  He took the time to evaluate my condition and make sure my recovery was very pleasant.  
       Ben J., Castro Valley

I have been a patient of Dr.  Robertson’s for 10 years  I trust him to adjust me and I feel great after.  I wouldn’t let another chiropractor touch me, I don’t trust them.  He makes his patients feel comfortable with him,  that means a lot to me. 
      Theresa Z., Hayward

I have been treated by Dr. Robertson for the past ten years.  My job requires lifting, climbing and standing for long periods of time.  I would not be able to do this without a healthy spine.  He has treated me for back strain, pinched nerves and a severe case of sciatica.If you are looking for an affordable chiropractor who treats youjin a friendly and casual atmosphere, I would recommend Dr. Robertson.
        Ed Z., Fremont/Niles

I have been a patient of Dr. Robertson since 1999. Prior to seeing Dr. Robertson, I had severe back problems. The treatments I received have enabled me to continue working in my trade as a painting contractor. In my trade, I am constantly bending and reaching and carrying heavy equipment. Having regular visits with Dr. Robertson has kept my back and spine healthy in order for me to continue working. I enjoy my work and especially now, practically pain free.  
       Richard Davey Painting, Hayward, CA  

My experience has been very pleasant.  Professional yet inviting/comforting environment.  Always leave feeling better.  Dr. Robertson makes it very easy to ask questions about what is wrong and how to help him correct it.
      Keri R., Livermore

Keith Robertson is a wonderful chiropractor! I was in dire need of a chiropractor and was afraid because so many adjustment from others were painful and unsuccessful. I am glad I came here. I get the best adjustments and feel better in general. Also Keith has a wonderful sense of humor and truly cares about his patients. I always smile when I’m leaving his office, even when I come in crying.  
      Echo G., San Lorenzo 

It's a rare occasion when you find someone who is willing to really listen to you when you are not feeling well.  I have found many unique qualities in Dr. Robertson.  Having cronic lower back, upper back and neck issues for over 25 years, I've had my share of chiropractic  care.  It is my personal opinion that the care Dr. Robertson has given me over the past years is by far the best care I've received.  He takes the time to listen to you when you are describing your pains.  He will sit down and explain to you, in terms you will understand, what could be causing your pain.  He will suggest exercises to strentthen your body and help you re-cooperate from injury.  He is very knowledgeable in his business, and when something doesn't work he will be persistent about getting to the root of the problem.  In other words, he doesn't give up on you.  He has a friendly, outgoing outlook on life and good  health.  When I hear someone is having discomfort or pain, I always recommend Dr. Robertson. 
      Cossette C., Castro Valley 

Fantastic, gentle care with great results.
       Lanette J., San Leandro

Dr. Robertson has been a part of my health care for many years. He has helped me through some injuries and some plain old aches and pains. He is kind and generous with his care of me. I’ve recommended many family and friends to him and he always helps whoever he can. 
       Anne D., San Lorenzo

My name is Kaela.  I’ve been going to Dr. Robertson’s Chiropractic Care for the last 8 years, or since I was 12.  I have a type of scoliosis that has 12 of my vertebrae compacted together.  He’s treated this in more ways than you can believe.  Anything from back pain to neck pain to medications, he’s helped me with it all.  Even with my car accident I had a few years back, he referred me to the best physicians and x-ray techs.  I used to have to visit the chiropractor 3-4 times a week.  Now that he’s helped align my back to where it’s supposed to be, I come in 1-2 times a week.  I am still seeing him because my back is still not 100%.  I choose to keep visiting because he truly cares and knows how to help.  He has been a trustworthy family friend since I was little.  My grandparents went to him, my father and uncles go to him and now my brother, sister and I all visit him voluntarily.  He’s an incredible chiropractor, wonderful friend and the best place you can get advice.  His guidance has helped my life and my health.  I owe him so much because he’s given me so much.  Thank you Dr. Robertson, you are the best.
     Kaela A., Castro Valley

My name is Reneé.  I have been a patient of Dr. Robertson for 10 years.  He is a wonderful chiropractor and has done great work for me.  His personality is always warm and welcoming.  I have had many problems with my back and neck throughout the years and Dr. Robertson has done wonders for me so that I can function.  I would always recommend him to friends who need a chiropractor. 
     Reneé N., San Lorenzo

It’s the best care I’ve had in years.  Dr. Robertson is very attentive to my needs in keeping me working at what I do best.  I’m a cable care grip man in San Francisco.  It’s a very physical job, “the real deal”.  The staff is also very nice and takes good care of me.  Thanks Doc!             
      Gordon, Hayward

Dr. Robertson specializes in back care and has been my personal chiropractor for over 8 years.  During that time he has always shown concern, always trying his best to quickly find or locate the area of pain or discomfort.  Originally I had severe back pain but while working with Dr. Robertson, I have improved.  The pain is much less and so is the discomfort.  I highly recommend multiple adjustments for the best results.
     Paul Z., Hayward

I first met Dr. Robertson when my mother was looking for a new chiropractor.  The one she had was going to start teaching at the Chiropractic College, so his clientele had to find new chiropractors.  Dr. Robertson was recommended to my mother so she started going to him.  He helped her by keeping her spine aligned which helped relieve the stress she held in so it never distressed her.  It also helped he maintain mobility which happens to cause older people to lose their flexibility.

I then started going to see Dr. Robertson, he helped by keeping my spine aligned because I worked in maintenance and the lifting of heavy objects or being contorted in unusual positions for long times can cause stress on the body or throw something out of alignment.  I injured the lumbar region of my back which caused pain there and in my right hip that also went down to the right knee.  This was a serious injury and it took time to get my back aligned while also working on the hip and knee.  He has me doing exercises, stretching and chiropractic visits regularly to keep me well and functioning normally.

My nephew was on the wrestling team in middle school and high school so he would go to Dr. Robertson to get his spine realigned to keep from causing any disabling injury.  Once he was in an auto accident where the vehicle flipped three times, fortunately he was all right, but we didn’t think to take him in to see Dr. Robertson.  He was working out with weights and decided to do floor exercises, when he got on the floor and he couldn’t get back up.  We took him to see Dr. Robertson and it took a few adjustments to get him back to normal.
     Robert A., Livermore

We have been in Dr. Robertson's care for over 5 years. Working a physical job, Dr. Robertson has beena great help to me and my family. I've needed back surgery and since then Dr. Robertson has helped to rehabilitate me to good health. I would recommend him to friends and family.
     William C., Castro Valley

Honesty, cares for you.
     Kenny K., San Lorenzo

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