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Biography of Keith Robertson, D.C.

I became introduced to chiropractic at the age of 13 due to a motorcycle accident.  I suffered an injury in the crash and was taken to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with a concussion, cervical thoracic and lumbar injuries.  I was given a neck collar to wear and several types of drugs as my treatment.

After a week of being in an enormous amount of pain and unable to turn my head left or right or move it up or down, I became concerned for my long term prognosis.  I was afraid I would never be able to have the same movement as I did before the accident.  I spoke with my father about my concerns and he took me to see a chiropractor.

On the way to the chiropractor’s office, I asked my father what a chiropractor was.  He told me it was a different type of doctor that would help me without drugs.  He also told me the doctor was going to crack my neck!  I instantly became frightened.  I started to remember the motorcycle crash and how my neck popped like a bag of popcorn.  I felt my neck was unstable and that if this doctor cracked my neck, he might just break it. I was very scared.

I went anyway because I felt desperate and was tired of being in pain.  During the visit I was asked about what happened in the crash and then the doctor took x-rays to assess the damage.  The doctor then explained to us what was wrong and how it was causing me so much pain.  He said he could help. 

I sat in the chair and waited for my adjustment, frightened but hopeful.  Instantly I felt the motion of his hand placing pressure on my neck and I remember the popping sounds being very loud.  Immediately I understood the concept and was amazed!  I didn't have a broken neck as I thought I would.  I felt less pressure and I could move my neck again with very little pain. Wow!  I couldn't believe what just happened.  I had never had such a great doctor visit in my life.  I had such a wonderful result and without getting a shot!

Right then I wanted to become a chiropractor and help others the same way that doctor helped me.  I mentioned this to my father on the way out of the office and he thought it was a great idea.  I remained under that doctor’s care through the duration of my treatment program.  Chiropractic changed my life.

After I graduated from high school, I began my undergraduate studies.  Once I had completed that, I attended Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo where I received my doctorate.  Post graduate, I did my externship with practices in Oakland and Fremont.  I have been licensed to practice chiropractic both nationally and in the State of California since 1993.  In 1995, I opened Robertson Chiropractic Center and have been in practice for nearing 18 years in the same location.

It is a joy and a privilege to help others as I was helped with chiropractic.  I have seen patients with many different types of conditions over the years.  I have experience with difficult cases such as automobile accidents as well as acute sports-related injuries.  Chronic issues such as arthritis can also be managed. 

My goal is to provide quality care that is affordable.  After your evaluation, you will be given a diagnosis with treatment options that are both effective and comfortable for the patient.  I understand that many people don’t have insurance, or they have coverage with a high deductible and/or copay.  That is why I offer an out-of-pocket plan, which is very affordable, with discounted rates but providing quality care.  This care program allows more visits than most insurance plans offer, at a much more realistic price.  Come in and talk to us.  Feel what it is like to live your life without pain.

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